We Have Delivered The Largest Post-consumer Plastic Recycling Project To Colombia

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The project began in late 2019, due to the trust of our client who is one of the largest producers of packaging materials in his country, Colombia. Due to government policy, the same producers have to take charge of the recycling of their plastics, and contribute to the circular economy, the Plastilene group initiated the investment of 15,000 million pesos in the post-consumer plastic recycling plant.

plastic recycling

The total project includes a plastic crushing, washing and drying line, a pelletizing line, and an entire water treatment set.

The manufacturing and delivery process of the entire project was not very smooth due to the Covid-19 pandemic that affected everyone from the beginning of 2020, until we had stopped time. Finally, thanks to the efforts of both parties, we finished the production, tests and inspections within the Aceretech factory with similar material of greenhouse plastics, Stretch film, etc. in August 2020.

plastic recycling

The machines arrived at the end of 2020, and we began to provide both online and local services via the after-sales center that we have in Mexico.

plastic recycling

We have faced many difficulties and waited a long time to be able to send the technicians due to the pandemic and vaccines. These plastic recycling machines were not easy to learn and familiarize with for the same operators. We were finally able to train them and these recyclers reached the promised production.

plastic recycling

The plant will process and receive about 10,000 tons of plastic that will stop going to ecosystems and landfills and that will come from homes, businesses and industries. In addition, the plant has the capacity to transform more than 800 tons per month of plastic waste including bags to pack liquids and other food packaging (milk, water, sugar, grains, salt), flexible packaging for hygiene and household products (paper toilet, napkins, kitchen paper, diapers, feminine towels, soaps, etc.), residues that are produced in the industries where they are packed; of the shops where the products are sold and of the homes where the citizens consume them.


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