Maintenance Tips For A Plastic Crusher

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A plastic crusher is a well-designed machine that is used to reduce the size of rocks to smaller size such as gravels. The high force from the machine breaks the large material into smaller pieces.


To sustain the optimum performance of the machine, proper maintenance is essential.  Just like every other machine, without proper maintenance, the machine will break down. This will result in revenue reduction.


It is essential to know that the first step to get the best from machine is to buy from a reliable and renowned manufacturer. It is one of the decisions that help you to get the best from your investment.


Without much ado, let’s look at the various ways to maintain a plastic crusher for optimal performance.


Basic Maintenance Of Plastic Crusher

The following areas are very essential when maintaining this powerful machine:


1. Bearing

Bearing is a vital component in the plastic crusher. There should be frequent lubrication of the bearing. It will enable it to roll easily without any obstruction. If there is no proper maintenance, rust will cause it to become stiff.


While it is very important to lubricate the bearing, it is advisable not to apply excessive lubricating substance to avoid damage to the bearing.


2. Maintenance Of The edge and blade

To ensure that the edges are sharp, it is important to regularly sharpen it appropriately. It is a good way to avoid damage to the tools. Moreover, when the edge is blunt it will require more force for the crusher to break large stones.


Furthermore, sharpen the blade to avoid it becoming blunt. It is a good way to maintain the blade for effective use. The angle of the blade should be consistent with the originating angle to accomplish a good shearing function. 

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3. Change Of Cutter and Screen

In a situation where the cutter of a plastic crusher needs replacement, the person that will replace the cutter should give proper attention to the clearance between the fixed cutter and the moving cutter.


For the screen, check the pull button to know if it is tight or not. If it is not tight, use screw to tighten it to the button bracket.


4. Position Of The Machine

It is ideal for the machine to balance at the base. Position the crusher well on a level ground. It will allow the machine to work seamlessly without any obstructions.


Wrong position can affect the productivity of the machine. So, it is essential to take the right steps before operating it.


5. Routine Maintenance

The following checks should take place every day:

a. Before starting the machine, check the power supply to ensure that the voltage supply is sufficient for operation.

b. Be careful of what you crush because there are materials that can quickly damage the crusher.

c. Check the fan and the crushing chamber to be sure there is no foreign materials before operating the machine.

d. Lubricate areas that require routine lubrication

e. When you finish the crushing process, stop the machine and clean all of them.

f. In case of any strange noise, quickly off the machine and call professionals to check the it.


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The maintenance of your plastic crusher is very essential just as it is for any machine. And as a professional in the industry for many years, we can tell you that poor maintenance is one way to reduce the lifespan of your machines.

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