Successful Recycling Of PTT Waste Fiber

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The night before yesterday, we used our pelletizing machine to recycle PTT waste fiber, and achieved a complete success! The resulting pellets are uniform and transparent in texture! 

Maybe you don't know much about PTT? PTT, named as trimethylene terephthalate, was first used in the fiber industry. But PTT has similar physical properties with PET, and its processability is better than PBT, so it is a promising engineering plastics. In addition, the effect of PTT reinforcement material is better than that of PET and PBT.

Successful Recycling Of PTT Waste Fiber

Here is the process of our test machine. Let's pay attention to it.

The raw material is PTT waste fiber. The size of PTT waste fiber is about 40 mm after the shredder.

Our machine configuration: ACS800/120 Compacting and Pelletizing Machine with double plate and underwater automatic stretching strands pelletizing system.

The temperature of the compactor rises rapidly at first, but slowly after 80 degrees. It takes about 2.5 hours for the compactor to reach 110 degrees.

Successful Recycling Of PTT Waste Fiber

When the temperature of the compactor reaches the set value, the main engine is turned on for plasticization and pelletizing. The final pellets are perfect.

If you have waste plastics to recycle, please contact us. We specialize in providing plastic recycling equipment.


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