What Are the Benefits of Plastic Recycling?

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Recycling of plastics can make an enormous difference in the conservation of the environment and can also provide various economic benefits to numerous industries. By abiding proper plastic recycling procedures, industries can significantly decrease the total number of waste output and consequently generate substantial profits through the sale of recycled plastic products. Some of the benefits of adopting effective plastic recycling procedures are given bellow:


Saves landfill space

When you throw away your plastic items, they will end up at the landfill, where they will sit for many years to come.  Plastics take up unnecessary space in landfills, and because they are not biodegradable, they will take up valuable space that could otherwise go to actual garbage.  Recycling one ton of plastic will save about 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space.  This statistic shows how important it is to recycle plastic in order to make space for garbage that can actually degrade and break down over time.

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Reduction in the emissions of hazardous chemicals

Although plastics have a variety of benefits, their manufacturing process are tedious and extremely harmful for the environment. A substantial amount of petroleum is burnt while manufacturing plastics. The emissions released during the manufacturing of plastics leads to the production of tremendous amount of greenhouse gases, which significantly affects various species around the globe due to its immense impact on the environment. In addition, greenhouse gases are the main reason for global warming and climate changes around the world, thus leading to severe rainfall, sudden increase in temperature, prevalence of heat waves, and many more. Therefore, by recycling plastic products, a great deal of plastic manufacturing processes is curbed, which further reduces the overall emission of perilous green-house gases in the atmosphere.


Benefits humans and animals

Recycling plastic also has a positive effect on animal and plant life everywhere. Plastic products that aren’t recycled properly are extremely harmful to animals, birds and marine life. The huge amounts of plastic dumped in our oceans year in year out have a lasting and wholly detrimental effect, killing large numbers of sea creatures, while land animals often eat plastic bags mixed with decomposed food. The end result, as you can probably imagine, is pretty appalling. It’s also worth remembering that recycled material can be implemented to improve the quality of human life, too. For example, sustainable transport can be achieved using recycled goods, creating public transport such as a bus, underground or metro system that is significantly more environmentally friendly. A direct connection between recycling and transport development is something we can all be proud of; a creative way to improve our quality of life, whilst at the same time benefiting the world around us. 


Promotes a sustainable lifestyle

Business greatly impact the lifestyle of communities in which they operate. If businesses work along with their internal and external stakeholders towards creating awareness and promoting positive impacts of plastic reuse and recycling, they are bound to bring about a sea change towards environment conservation.

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Helps in conservation of natural resources

The production of plastic from scratch requires a great deal of energy, and hence its manufacturing process requires a variety of natural resources like natural gas, petroleum, coal, etc. Extraction of these raw materials require redundant mining, which further contributes to environmental degradation. Therefore, production of materials from recycled plastic consumes a much lesser energy and consequently abstains the use of natural resources. This significantly reduces the number of mining activities around the world, and hence helps in preservation and conservation of natural resources.


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