All You Need To Know About Plastic Granulating Machine

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Initially,  burning and burying plastic waste was the only way to get rid of them.  However, we no longer have to jeopardize our planet's survival due to poor waste management.

All plastic wastes are now potential raw materials due to the invention of the plastic granulating machine. If you want to start a recycling plant or a workshop, you'll need a high-quality plastic granulating machine.

This article will explain what a granulating machine is, its major components, and how to handle them safely.

What is a plastic granulating machine?

A plastic granulating machine is a machine utilized in the plastic recycling industry that reduces plastic wastes into little granules so they can easily go through the method involved with molding.

This machine has heavy-duty blades fitted into a rotor that reduces the plastic pieces into little granules.

Components of a plastic granulating machine


This is the component in charge of shredding the plastic into little pieces. The blades are attached to a rotor that spins at a rapid rate.

The efficiency and effectiveness of the plastic granulating machine, as well as the quality of the plastic granules, are influenced by its configuration, cutting ability, amount, and angle of its end.

The distance between the blades determines the size of the plastic granules. Always make sure the blades are razor-sharp.

The blades might become dull over time, affecting the quality of the plastic granules. Steel is commonly used for the blades. As a result, they are sturdy and durable.


The blades are rotated by this part. It is driven by an electric motor that spins at a high speed. The size of the plastic grains is more consistent when the speed is reduced. There are four different types of rotors:

1. Staggered rotors

Heavy plastic materials are shredded using them. They are either closed or semi-closed in configuration.

2. Closed rotors

They have many blades and are built with a little gap between the blade and the shaft. The blades can effortlessly shred thick plastic items thanks to this design.

3. Open rotors

These rotors are used for cutting heat-sensitive plastic. The cutting chamber is provided with a wind current. Large cutting blades are mounted on the rotors. As a result, they're frequently used to shred light plastics.

4. Staggered/segmented rotors

Blades are spiraled into these rotors. Heavy plastics can also be shredded with them.


Plastic granules pass through holes in the screen. With a small hole size, plastic granules of uniform size can be produced.

Plastic granules are larger when screened with larger holes. A reversible screen is both efficient and long-lasting.

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Safety precautions when using a plastic granulating machine

· Avoid risky places like the cutting chamber while using the equipment.

· Before the shredding rotors cease operating, do not open the plastic granulating machine or suction box.

· To prevent the machine from opening while the rotors are rotating, an interlocking device and two sets of flaps should always be linked to the feed hopper.

· Make sure your plastic granulating machine has a built-in soundproofing or soundproof casing.

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