MAPA Machinery has Moved To Huijin Center Officially

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Let’s celebrate that MAPA machinery has moved to Huijin Center and officially put into operation. Our company has held a grand celebration. See attached photos.





Mission of MAPA

MAPA machinery is a subsidiary of MAPA machinery co., ltd., mainly focusing on waste plastics size reducing, washing and designing & engineering completed waste plastics recycling plant.

To pre-handle the waste plastics, MAPA can provide you single shaft shredders, all different kinds of crushers and related auxiliaries.

For completed plastics washing and recycling task, MAPA also can offer you European standard solutions, from materials shredding, crushing, washing and pelletizing process.

As the subsidiary company of MAPA machinery, combining its advanced waste plastics re-pelletizing technology, has the ability to do the bottle to bottle process, for instant of HDPE hollow parts re-reprocessing, PET bottles recycling, etc.


Our advantage

20+ Years Experienee

Specialized R&D team involved in Plastics Recycling Industries more than 20 years

Customize Machine

Ability to provide the customized plastics recycling solutions

Complete system

Complete sales system covering the pre-sales, sales and after sales job

Efficient Sales Team

Professional sales team with local language speaking ability for English, Spanish, Turkish and Russian markets


Our products

We are a company focused on plastic recycling and our main production line covers crusher, shredder and washing line. If you want to know about our company or our productions, please visit our website or directly contact us. We will be very delighted to provide service to you.


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