ACERETECH ACS1200/160 Pelletizing Machine In Vietnam

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Our Vietnam customer sent us several pictures about our pelletizing machine in their factory.


This Vietnam customer need a 2t/h recycling machine for his agricultural film, including washing line and pelletizing machine.

 ACERETECH ACS1200/160 Pelletizing Machine In Vietnam

Through in-depth understanding, we have provided customers with customized 2 tons/hour washing line (Washing line from our partners) and pelletizing machine.


After four months of production, the machine arrived at the customer's factory in March 2019.


Customers have arranged for the workers to prepare for machine debugging, including placing machines, connecting pipes, etc.

 ACERETECH ACS1200/160 Pelletizing Machine In Vietnam

The customer was very happy to see that the machine was about to be installed. He took some pictures to share with us.


Soon, we will arrange for engineers to go over and debug. Please look forward to it.


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