3 Key Guides On How To Use Plastic Pelletizing Machine For Recycling

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As the need to recycle plastic waste increases, the use of the technologically advanced machine is very essential. Plastic pelletizing happens to be one of the systems that use technology to recycle plastic scraps into reusable raw material.

A quality plastic pelletizing machine plays an essential role in the recycling and reusing of plastic wastes. It produces melt-filtrated strands that are briefly cooled and cut into useful pellets. The pellets are used for different industrial applications.

To get the best from it, you must understand the basics of the machine. Read on as we take you through the basic guides on how to use this machine.

1. Basic Components of Plastic Pelletizing Machine

There are different designs and structures for this machine. However, the basic components are the same. They are:

  • Shredder

  • Conveyor belt

  • Extruder

  • Cutter compactor

  • Pelletizer

  • Cooling system

  • Silo tank

  • Drying centrifuge

    Pelletizing System(1).png

2. Cutting Types And Pelletizing Lines

We have three primary cutting types of this industrial machine. They are:

a. Hot Die face pelletizer

The hot die face pelletizing machine consists of two different types – the underwater pelletizing system and the hot die water-ring pelletizing system. These two systems have some differences.

The Underwater Pelletizing System

The system is designed with an automation big scope and a small footprint. The shape of the pellet is spherical. The pellet dusting is very less and the size is very consistent.  

The Water-Ring Pelletizing System

Just like the underwater system, the water-ring pelletizing system is designed with an automation big scope and a small footprint. The shape of the pellet is flat and round. Moreover, the pellet dusting is less and the size of the pellet is improved.

b. Strand Pelletizing System

The strand pelletizing system is an automation system that has little automation scope. The footprint of the system is larger than the hot die face pelletizing system. Moreover, the investment cost is lower than other systems.

The shape of the pellet is cylindrical with more pellet dusting. When it comes to the consistency of the pellet size, it is less consistent.

c. Automatic Strand Pelletizing System

The scope of the auto-strand pelletizing recycling system is little. The footprint is larger than the hot die face system. moreover, the investment in the system is lower than the hot die face system but for higher than the strand pelletizing system.

The shape of the pellet is cylindrical with more pellet dusting than others. The pellet size of the system is more consistent than the strand pelletizing system.

3. Types of Feeding of Plastic Pelletizing Machine for Plastic Recycling Machine

The main feeding types are side feeding and hopper feeding recycling pelletizing machines. The side feeding supports continuous and stable measures to put the materials.

The hopper type feeds the plastic scraps directly without preheating. It is suitable for recycling hard and soft plastic materials.

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