1000kg/h film washing line in UK

With years of technology modification and process experience precipitation, ACERETECH has a variety of different solutions for recycling PP PE scraps (LDPE/LLDPE film, PP woven bags, PP non-woven, PE bags, milk bottles, cosmetic containers, vegetable and fruit boxes). With advanced modular design, MAPA can freely combine each standard module to provide to customers specialized solutions.

Main components of PE film washing line:

Belt Conveyor(1).png

Belt Conveyor

1.PVC/Rubber belt

2. Metal detector as an option

3. With inverter to adjust speed



1. Bigger rotary knives, very tough.

2.Bigger rotor 580mm, more powerful.

3. Automatic oil supplement system.

4. Various screen sizes.

5. Thick and tough shredder body. 

L type belt conveyor 

1.For conveying flakes out from shredder.

2. PVC belt.

3. With inverter for speed adjustment.



1. To remove heavy contaminates such as mud, stones, metals, thus to protect blades of crusher.

2. Plays a role as Sink-float tank and friction washer as well.

3. Water and energy saving design.



1. Crushing with water flushing in.

2. 3/5/7 rotor design.

3. Knife adjustment outside chamber.

4. Low noise.

5. Bearings outside. 

Friction Washer.png

Friction Washer

  1. Tough washing unit, removes most of


2.Reinforced, mild steel and high speed rotor.

3.Bearings mounted outside.

4.Easy cleaning and maintenance.

5.Stainless steel SUS304 body.

Floating washer 

1.With screw-IN and screw-OUT.

2. Special design of inner paddles to guarantee sufficient sediment of heavy impurities.

3.German SEW reducers.

4. Stainless steel SUS304 body.

6.With pneumatic water in-feed-valve, automatic level control via electronic feeler.



1. PLC control

2. Low consumption, high capacity

3. Inverter control

4. European design

Storage silo.png

Storage silo 

1.To guarantee non-stop work and stable feeding for downstream extrusion pelletizing line.

2. Non-blockage of film.

3.Cyclone for dust removing.

4.Lower operating costs for maintenance.

5. Different functions of screws. 

Electrical control cabinet with PLC Control .png

Electrical control cabinet with PLC Control 

1.Electric control component: (Schneider), e.g. Circuit-breaker, AC contact, press button, pilot lamp. 

2.For electrical controlling of the entire system.

3.Safety interlock principle.

4.All electrical units: LS, Schneider, ABB.


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