HS1600 shredder for Li- battery Film

HS series shredders from ACERETECH belong to single shaft shredders. It has the fuction of   low energy consumption, high capacity,easy operation and etc. This series shredder machine can not only deal with all kinds of soft film material,but also hdpe pp rigid plastic material. The hopper is special designed to avoid material flying out. 

The hydraulic system is equipped with high-pressure valves and volumetric flow controls, which can be both set according to the demands of the input materials. 

The extremely robust pedestal bearing housings are mounted outside the machine and separate from the cutting chamber to prevent dust and dirt into the oversized bearings. This ensures a long life and minimum maintenance.

The screen mounted beneath the rotor determines the size of the required granulate ( 40-100mm ). The screen is also easily accessible by a separate flap and can be changed easily.

Raw material:Li- battery Film

What is Li- battery Film?

----It is located between the positive electrode and the negative electrode of Li- battery, and the main function is to separate the positive and negative active materials to prevent the two electrodes from being short-circuited due to contact; Apart from this, during the electrochemical reaction, it can maintain the necessary electrolyte to form a channel for ion movement.

What is the characteristic of Li-battery?

----The main characteristic is: Thickness uniformity, mechanical properties (including tensile strength and puncture resistance), air permeability, physical and chemical properties (including wettability, chemical stability, thermal stability, safety), etc. Total four major performance indicators.

Since this kind of film is special, its hardness is very strong, to deal with this kind of raw material, a shredder machine is necessary.

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Final Product:Film flake


Other Size of ACERETECH  HS Series Shredder Machine for your choice

Rotor diameter
Number of rotor knives
Number of stator knives
Hydraulic feeding ram 
Feed opening
Standard screenmm40-10040-100040-100
Chamber size
Machine weight
Machine Measure
Length amm224522452245
Width b
Height c


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