GE500/700 Plastic Crusher/Granulator for PVC wire cable

One of our UAE customer ordered our GE type crusher to reduce the size of their PVC wire cable material. 

They wanted 300-400kg/h and expect the size of final products after crusher should be around 4-5mm.

After we received this inquiry, we asked customer to send the material pictures to us to confirm which machine should me choose for it. 

After repeated communication and confirmation of details, we finally decided to choose ge500 / 700 crusher.

Granulator motor power

37kW, AC400V, 3-phase,50Hz

Feed opening in mm approx..


Diameter of rotor

500 mm

Capacity approx.


Number of Stator knives


Number of Rotor knives


Perforation size for screen


Jig for preadjustment of knives       Included

Material drawer                    Included

Our GE plastic crusher/granulator is suitable to size reduce nearly all types of plastic as extruded lumps, 

sheets, pipes, blow moulded materials ,bottles, barrels, tanks, injection mouldings and so on in addition this machine can stand right next to the processing equipment.

The GE Series is of extremely robust construction with pulley. On top of the granulator is a feeding hopper which can be opened manually. 

The hopper opening is also fitted with curtains to protect the materials from splashing out during operation.


Our GE series crusher/granulator capacity range from 300-1000kg/h, following is the detail specification just for your reference:

图片4 (2).png


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